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09 февраля 2011

1. Международный комитет по таксономии вирусов
2. Номенклатура
3. Правила именования
4. Орфография
5. База данных

Разработка ICTVdB поддерживается ICTV с 1991 года, и была изначально предназначена для поддержания таксономических исследований. База данных классифицирует вирусы по химическим характеристикам, типу генома, особенностям репликации нуклеиновой кислоты, заболеваниям, векторам заражения, географическому распределению.

The database was developed at the Australian National University with support of the US National Science Foundation, and sponsored by the American Type Culture Collection. It uses the Description Language for Taxonomy system, a world standard for taxonomic data exchange, developed at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. DELTA is able to store a wide diversity of data and translate it into a language suitable for traditional reports and web publication. For example, ICTVdB does not itself contain genomic sequence information but can convert DELTA data into NEXUS format. It can also handle large data inputs and is suited to compiling long lists of virus properties, text comments, and images.

ICTVdB has grown in concept and capability to become a major reference resource and research tool, in 1999 it was receiving over 30,000 combined online hits per day from its main site at the Australian National University, and two mirror sites based in the UK and USA.

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