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28 мая 2011

1. Qiagen
2. Области применения
3. История
4. Структура компании

Qiagen was established on November 29, 1984 by a team of scientists at the University of Düsseldorf. The company started with the development of new methods for the purification of nucleic acids as the carrier of genetic information. The founding team quickly recognized that those methods could be used in virtually all areas of genetic analysis. In fact, the separation and purification of various molecules like DNA, RNA or proteins from other cellular components is the basic precondition for any further application.

Already the launch of Qiagen’s first product in 1986 equalled a revolution in molecular biology, as the invention reduced the time for the preparation of plasmids, little ring-formed DNA molecules of a bacterium’s cell, from 2-3 days down to 2 hours. The product was distributed as a kit which contained all components needed for the successful sample preparation prior to subsequent analysis.

Further milestones in Qiagen’s development were the initial public offering at the technology oriented Nasdaq stock exchange as the first German company in 1996 and the establishment of Qiagen N.V. in Venlo, the Netherlands. The initial public offering at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange followed in 1997.

Based upon the core business with products for academic and industrial research, the company then continuously expanded its portfolio. Under the leadership of Peer M. Schatz, Qiagen advanced the strategic focus on sample and assay technologies in the molecular diagnostics, applied testing, academic research and pharmaceutical markets. Sales grew up to US$649.8 million in 2007, the number of employees exceeded 2,600. In 2007, Qiagen acquired Digene for US$1.6 billion.

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